How do I replace a Temptrol spindle, washers and/or seats?

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1 Answer

*Turn off the water to the valve before proceeding! **Before removing the handle, open the valve as if you were going to take a normal shower (approximately half a turn). CAUTION: Failure to open the valve before removing the cap assembly (TA-12A) will result in damage to the cap and spindle. Removing valve trim • Remove the plug button (T-33) from the temperature control handle (T-31). • Remove the handle screw (T-32) and remove the temperature control handle. • Remove the two escutcheon screws (T-28). Remove the dial [T-29(A,B,C)] and escutcheon (T-27). • Remove the dome cover (T-19/20) by unscrewing in a counter-clockwise direction. Opening valve • Remove the cap assembly by using a wrench and turning in a counter-clockwise direction, the spindle assembly will come out with it. Separate the cap from the spindle by unscrewing the cap in a counter-clockwise direction. Replacing washers or spindle • At this point you can rebuild or replace the spindle. To rebuild use the TA-9 washer ...
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