How do I reset a tripped circuit breaker or an AFCI breaker?

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1 Answer

Go to your electrical panel and find the circuit breaker or AFCI breaker that is in the off position. The off position is anything that is not in the on position. Not all tripped circuit breakers will be in the complete off position. To reset the circuit breaker, push the lever all the way to the OFF position then all the way back to the ON position. You will hear it click when it has been located back to the ON position. An AFCI breaker (shown right) is identified by the test button. You can test to make sure your AFCI breaker is working properly with this test button. When the breaker is in the ON position push the TEST button. The breaker should trip. Follow above instructions to reset. If the circuit breaker continues to trip, please call us for an appointment. more
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