How do I set the window size of ZTreeWin?

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1 Answer

The size of the window is determined by the text-mode of ZTreeWin, (for example, 80x25), and the font being used, (when running in a window). Use Alt-F8 to change the width, Alt-F9 to change the height or Alt-F7 to maximize the window size. To set the default window size, use Alt-F10 to configure options 2-A and 2-B. To change the font used in windowed mode, you must edit the ZTreeWin shortcut properties, (right click on the shortcut, and select 'properties'). When maximized with Alt-F7, ZTreeWin uses the maximum size reported by Windows, which may cause its borders to go off screen, or even some text to be chopped. Use the /MAX= command line switch to adjust the size used by ZTreeWin in maximized mode. For example /MAX=-1:-2 will set a max size 1 row shorter and 2 columns narrower than that reported by Windows. • Q3: I want to change the screen settings in my ZTreeWin shortcut, but the options are not available. If, in Win95/98/ME, your shortcut points to ZTW.EXE, it should instead ... more
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