How do I set up a small bathroom?

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We have a small bathroom and a family of three. How to arrange a bathroom that would be comfortable for everyone?


During the renovation in the bathroom, it is imperative to get rid of all that is superfluous. For example, communications are hidden in a box or a small step is made for them. If a heated towel rail creates a similar problem, it can be abandoned in favor of the electric option. You can watch re bath reviews for some information.


Hey there, you can add another bathroom on second floor, i redesign my new house last month, when i moved my new house it was looking really old and ancient house, the siding was made of wood and it was really rusty and broken, i also wanted to do some repairing inside like panting, flooring, etc. adding a bathroom in the second floor was also in my plan, and actually i was new here and i didn’t know any near company for home repairing so i searched online and guys in Cost Shed for house repairing advices and quotes helped me a lot with it and they recommended me to for the bathroom to connect the DWV to the existing DWV from the already existing bathroom in the subfloor and it works fine.


I used to have a small apartment and tried my best to make it comfortable. It was hard. But recently, iNewHomes helped me find a stunning new home in a beautiful location at an attractive price. And now I’m finishing my repairs.

Fanni Too

I also have a small apartment and a bathroom. I’ve been reviewing a lot of options when I’ve done repairs. I am pleased that there are modern materials that make our homes cozier. I chose small cabinets too. For the floor, I chose the waterproof liminat. This made the bathroom much cozier and warmer. I found flooring suppliers in Australia on the website. It is very convenient that one site has so much useful information. This saves time searching.

Illinka Erika

A small apartment for a large family? How do you stay in such an apartment?
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