How do i setup the netplay function on the SNES emulator??

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1 Answer

First, get ZSNESW 1.42 since the WIP version (1.43) has no netplay support yet. You should also know that you and the person you'll play with need to have the same ZSNESW version and exactly the same ROM (name, region, version, language, etc). If both of you meet those requirements, let's start a netplay session. • Click on Game --> Load. Don't load a game yet, just point at your ROMs' directory. The other person must do the same or the game won't load. • Click on Netplay --> Internet. • If you're going to be the server, give your friend your IP address so he/she can connect to you. Click on "Start as server" and wait for your friend. Your friend must input your IP and click on "Connect to server". Leave the "port" field as is. • After a sucessful connection it will appear a chat box and some netplay settings. If you are on broadband, you can drop the latency down to 00. If any of you are on dial-up, leave it on 03. • After that, the final step: Load the game you want to play. And ... more
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