How do I spend my winter holidays? i need your advice!

Samara Samara123

Advise me the best way to spend my winter vacation. Can I go on a trip?


Visit a ski resort

Jerk Jerk edited answer

I think you will make the right decision if you’ll just go all the way south, somewhere with no snow at all and will explore the benefits of fishing all year round without obstacles. I have grown accustomed to snow-free road trip after I got into healthy sea fish diet thanks to this: Now I can’t imagine going somewhere where it snows when you can just relax in the sun and fish amazing sea fish.

Natali Demon

I advise you to spend your winter holidays in a chalet in France. The French Alps is a perfect place to spend winter holidays. Chalet “Zebra” is a perfect place to live while having winter holidays in the Tarentaise Valley! It is comfortably located 2 minutes’ drive from lifts and 6 minutes’ walk from the center of Méribel. The chalet was renovated several years ago and offers a perfect layout for twelve guests in six bedrooms! This place made my winter holidays unforgettable and I am very happy and will definitely return there. I advise you to visit this place too!

Sonya123 Sonya

Going on a trip is the best option! I advise you to visit Canada or Mexico. These countries I liked the most!