How do I stop my Baby's dad from claiming her on taxes next year?

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1 Answer

If the 3 of you live together and he makes more money than you do, he wins. If you and the baby live in one place and he lives in another, the IRS sees you as the custodial parent and he can ONLY claim the baby if you give him a SIGNED form 8332 which he attaches to his tax return. The form allowed him to claim the exemption and child tax credit only. No EIC, No HOH, No child care (those stayed with you and when you claim them, would have reduced your loan balance faster). If you don't want him claiming the child as the non-custodial parent, just don't give him the form. You certainly weren't dense enough to sign away your rights for all future years... If you both file and claim the baby lived with you, then the IRS will sort it out by asking both of you to show WHERE the baby lived. (The efile system will let one return through electronically. The second return gets into the system after you mail it in.) Note, if he's been claiming the baby lived with him when she didn't, he will ... more
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