How do I stop steam radiators and pipes from BANGING??

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It depends if you have Water or steam heat. You shouldn't have to bleed the lines for air unless you have a water system. Water systems are relatively closed systems while Steam heat systems inherently have air in them. They are regulated by the pressure release valves. Everything equal, Steam heat is going to be louder than water. The reason for this is that the pressure and temperature changes between an inactive steam system and the active steam system are much greater then a water system. When the system kicks on and recirculates hot steam into pipes or a radiator that has much cooler vapor in it the temperature difference can causes the pipes to begin hammering. When the 230 plus degree steam hits the colder zone the velocity of the steam entering the radiator is reduced, but the pressure pushing behind it does not drop until an equilibrium temperature is reached within the zone. With the increased volume of the radiator and the drop in the temperature you have a drop in the ... more
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