How do I tell a parent their child needs to be tested for A.D.H.D.?

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I think rather than giving her things to test him for, you should just say he needs to be evaluated for learning issues. If he does have ADHD or ADD it will show up in the evaluation by the specialist. Many parents are in denial because they want their child to be good in school and not have any issues. I think it makes them shy away from testing and evaluating even more if you list off specific things you think it might be. I personally can't blame the mom, I would be worried that my child might end up with a misdiagnosis. So many doctors these days just want to stick kids right on medication without trying anything else first. My son has a learning disability except it was me fighting for the school to evaluate him rather than the school fighting for me to. I was worried because some of his symptoms could seem like ADHD and he was listed as at risk for ADHD inattentive type however they don't think he has it. He has a learning disability and his inattentiveness comes secondary to ... more
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