How do I tell female geese from male geese?

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AutosexingDetermining the genders of geese depends on the type of geese you are sexing. Autosexing, the process of visually determining the gender of certain breeds of geese through coloration, markings and size, can be used with breeds such as Pilgrim geese (adult males are white, and adult females are gray). Chinese geese can be autosexed by the size of the geese, with males being larger, including larger heads, than females.Vent SexingGeese have an opening between their legs at their posterior called a vent. This small opening is a protective layer of skin hiding the sex organs and is key to identifying the gender of the geese. Venting is used to determine the sex of geese and is easier to do when the geese are hatchlings, according to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Vent sexing requires a bit of practice, as you must hold a gosling firmly without injuring it, turn it upside-down and locate the vent. Apply pressure to both sides of the cloaca (the opening) to expose ...
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