How do I uninstall Razer Naga drivers from my Mac?

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Go to Utilities. Double click Uninstall Razer Naga and follow the instructions on screen. You would be prompted to restart at the end of the uninstallation. Detailed steps: • Go to Utilities. • Double click Uninstall Razer Naga. • To proceed with uninstallation, click on Uninstall. • Key in your name and password when prompted. • Click Restart to restart your system. Q.Why do I need to restart after installation or uninstallation of Razer Naga drivers? The Razer Naga drivers include a kernel extension and this requires a system restart. Please ensure that you have saved your game and/or work before proceeding with the restart Q. How do I install and use the add on for World of Warcraft or Warhammer? A. Please visit our video tutorials on installing these add ons, you can find these at. http://www.getimba.com/videos.html Q. On my Mac why don’t buttons 4 and 5 work as “back” and “forward” as the defaults are set up to. A. In Windows default settings, these two buttons are interpreted ... more
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