How do I upgrade the firmware on a Westell 2100/2200/6100 modem?

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1 Answer

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO UPDATE FIRMWARE ON YOUR WESTELL. Firmware is model specific and is not interchangeable between the 2100, 2200 and 6100 models! To verify your model number please check the sticker on the bottom of modem. 2100 (model A90-210030-04) Current firmware is A90-210030-v1-6-33.upg 2200 (model B90-220030-04) Current firmware is B90-220030-v1-6-57.upg. 6100 (model B90-610030-06) Current firmware is B99-610030_VER_3_07_02.upg. 6100 (model C90-610030-06) Current firmware is C99-610030_VER_3_07_02.upg. Updating the firmware may delete/default previous configuration settings you may have made. You should note any custom configurations you currently have and double check them after you update the firmware. Important Information for Westell 2100 and 2200: You will not be able to access Expert Mode (or see certain menu screens) if you are using Internet Explorer 7. This is a known issue, however no new firmware is available to correct the problem. Click ... more
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