How do I use the ''Aurigma Image Uploader''?

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1 Answer

This software is designed to upload your Digital Images in a one shot. However, it is recommended that all files are found in the same directory and that they are located on a hard drive. • To start you must verify that the digital photos are in jpg format and you know where they are located on your computer. Careful! If your photo files are not in jpg format, they won't be displayed. • Launch the uploader. • The program is divided into 3 windows. On the left, you'll see your computer's tree diagram, made up of all your folders. Click on your "My Photos" folder or on one of the photos in the folder. The photo files you have selected will appear in the middle window. • Drag-and-drop the photo files you want to order to the right, or simply double-click on them. • The photos that will be included in your order will appear in the right-hand column. Check your photos one last time. Are they well centered? Are all the ones you want there? The program has an option that allows you to ... more
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