How do I use the character information for a site which sits on the boundary between two Landscape Description Units?

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Adjacent landscapes with different characteristics will merge into each other in different ways. For instance when an unwooded plateau drops sharply away to a wooded 45 degree valley slope, the boundary between the two landscape types is sharp and very apparent. Conversely, an unsettled plateau may merge into a plateau with a dispersed settlement pattern over a much larger area, and the boundary may be much less apparent. A site visit or look at the 1:25000 OS map for the site may be able to help you find out which Landscape Descriptions Units your site falls into, especially if the change in landscapes is a sharp one. However if after an inspection of the map and a site visit, you are still not, sure, its best to look at the information for both Landscape Descriptions Units and decide which characteristics apply to your site. more
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