How do I verify that a physician is certified to prescribe SUBOXONE?

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1 Answer

There are a number of ways to verify that a physician has a valid waiver for prescribing SUBOXONE, for example: • Check that the physician's prescribing number begins with "X" (when a DATA 2000 waiver is granted, DEA issues the physician a unique identifier that always starts with "X" Physicians are required to include their "X" identifying number and their DEA registration number on all prescriptions for SUBOXONE and SUBUTEX written for treatment of opioid dependence • Check the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) physician locator at www.buprenorphine.samhsa.gov. This website lists some of the physicians in each state that have DATA 2000 waivers Some physicians elect not to be listed on this site • Call SAMHSA at (866)287-2728 (866-BUP-CSAT) to verify a physician has a valid DATA 2000 waiver • Call the physician directly and ask to have the DEA registration certificate containing the "X" identifier faxed to you When verifying a physician's waiver, it may be a ... more
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