How do I wash Thinsulate?


Thinsulate is made of many tiny fibers that do not absorb water, it is important to wash it properly if you are to maintain the hydrophobic characteristics of the fibers. Many people wash the insulation sparingly and layer a liner under it (such as the Stretchliner 100) to absorb sweat and extend the time between washings. When you do need to wash the Thinsulate, wash on the gentle cycle, preferably in a front loading washing machine, and use vinegar or bleach instead of soap. If you think soap is needed, use in small quantities and put the garment through 3 extra rinse cycles. It is important to get the soap out of the insulation as the soap will decrease the garments hydrophobicity, limiting its ability to keep you warm even if wet. To dry, lay flat and allow to air dry. If you need to accelerate the drying process, you can put it in the dryer and tumble on the no heat setting to remove excess water and then lay flat to finish drying. Heat will melt the fragile fibers and hanging the