How Do I Withdraw By William Hill Quick Cash?

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1 Answer

There are 4 steps to withdrawing by William Hill Quick Cash : Step 1 : In the spaces provided, enter the amount you want to withdraw and your password then click on the Withdraw Funds button. Step 2 : Click on Print Voucher. Please remember the amount you are withdrawing as this is essential when you collect your money. Step 3 : Go to any of the William Hill Shop locations*. Step 4 : Hand over your voucher. You will be asked to confirm the amount linked to the withdrawal. * With the exception of recently converted former Stanley Racing shops in Ireland. To find your nearest William Hill shop you can call 0870 518 1715 and our staff will be pleased to detail the location of your nearest shop. Alternatively you can use our shop locator by Clicking here. Important On your withdrawal voucher, you will see the unique 19 digit code which the shop will need to process the withdrawal. Without this 19 digit code the shop assistant will not be able to process your withdrawal. You will not see ... more
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