How do leopards mate?

leopards Mate

A. Leopard sex is like any cat sex – full of action and short with it. Lions can take up to several minutes sometimes to go through the act of love, because with them it IS love as well as procreation; but with other cats who are not as social as lions, where procreation is the principal goal, it’s literally in-out thanks-a-lot-and-see-ya-next-time! A lucky encounter for a pair of leopards begins when the female, the leopardess, comes on heat and advertises her sudden urge for a bit of nookie by spraying trees with her sex-scented urine and vocalising in loud, penetrating grunts as she prowls her territory. A male’s territory will overlap the smaller territories of several females, and when he hears those distinctive low grunts and calls, or happens across a perfumed tree during his regular patrols, all other matters of food, territory, battle, and honour go out of his furry head and he trots along looking for the female who left that invitation. After all, THIS is the reason why he fe