How Do Lions Adapt to Their Environment?

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We may see lions in circuses, wildlife reserves or zoos, but the environment best suited to the "king of the jungle" is the jungle itself. Sadly, with rampant deforestation, poaching and rapid urbanization, the habitat of lions is shrinking and so are their numbers. Thankfully, owing to the enforcement of stringent, wildlife preservation laws and the painstaking efforts of wildlife photographers and researchers, we now have the opportunity to learn more about lions and how those that remain adapt to their environment. Almost all members of the cat family live solitary lives, but not lions. Unlike leopards, panthers or tigers, lions are pseudo-social by nature and live in groups, popularly referred to as "prides." This group-living social behavior can be compared to that of elephants. Although adult males are distinctly larger than their female counterparts, it is the lionesses that are more visible and the subject of primary focus. This is because they are the predominant, hunters in ... more
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