How Do Men and Women Bond?


Men and women bond very differently. Knowing this puts you in charge in your marriage and will allow you to have a healthy relationship. Your relationship will be a healthy relationship in the sense that the two of you love each other and treat each other with love. If you are a man, knowing how to bond with your wife will allow you to connect with her and increase the love that she has for you. As your wife grows to love you more, you will in turn love her more. The same goes for women. If you as a woman understand how men bond, you will be able to get closer to your husband. As you grow closer the love you have for each other will increase. How do men bond? Typically, men dont bond by sharing feelings or emotions. It does not mean that men cant share feelings, it is something that does not come easily to them. Men bond by sharing experiences. For instance, men can go to a sporting event, yell and cheer for their team and not say more than 20 words to each other the entire time. Wheth