How do multinational corporations affect Third World consumers?

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Multinationals have expressed their power in three areas. The first is the whole area of manipulation and the use of advertising. There are certain kinds of wants and desires that are harnessed by powerful corporations into being identified with certain products the corporations make - cosmetics, the whole junk food industry, soft drinks, for example the way in which thirst has been translated into Coca-Cola. The classic case is the way companies were able to get people to use infant formula and give up breast feeding. The second area of multinational power is that they are engaged in a trade of violence. Corporations have been selling products that are harmful, drugs that are restricted, pesticides that are banned or restricted in the United States. This area of violence is one very important reason why Third World consumer groups have become concerned. Third, multinationals are in fact taking away from Third World consumers their small resources, their purchasing power. These ... more
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