How Do PH Test Strips Work?

pH strips Test

Urinalysis Collect a urine sample using a cup or bed pan. It doesn’t have to be a full cup; there just needs to be enough to wet the test strip. Use collected urine to test pH instead of urinating directly onto the test strip, because that may cause the substances on the surface of the strip to wash off. Test Time Now it’s test time. Dab the strip in the urine. It will turn a certain color, from yellowish orange to dark green. The pH kit will come with a color-coded chart to match the results to. The colors have corresponding numbers underneath them. These numbers go from 1 to 14, and they indicate the level of acidity in the body. The ideal number is right around seven. Place the strip next to the chart and match the colors. The number underneath the color that is closest to your test strip’s color is your pH level. Saliva PH strips can also be used with saliva. Place a saliva sample into a spoon. Dab the test strip in it, wait a few seconds, then match up the color with the chart to