How do photoelectric smoke detectors work?

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Darryl Renner Posted

photoelectric smoke detectors work…


From the word photoelectric, we figure that it involves “photo-”, relating to light, and electricity. The photoelectric smoke detector is an area where light travels on a straight path on one end, and on the other end is a photodiode which transforms light into an electric current. During a fire, smoke enters the smoke detector and occupies the space where the light beam and photodiode are located. The normal straight direction of light is interrupted by the smoke and some of the light particles bounce against the light detector. When this happens, a sound is created to alert people in a house or building that there’s a fire.


Smoke detectors are essential in every home. In fact, households are advices to have at least one smoke detector in every floor because having one could spell the difference between saving lives or putting lives at risk for inhalation of dangerous gases, burns, and other injuries. If you’re considering putting smoke detectors in your home but you’re still unsure which one to install or where in your house should the smoke detector be installed, visit CW Electrical to get in touch with their expert electricians who can do the installation for you.