How do plastic pallet prices compare with wood pallets?

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1 Answer

Lightweight export pallets are the same price as new wooden heat-treated debarked pallets that meet the ISPM15 standard. Heavy-duty plastic pallets used for storage in racking are up to two and a half times the price of equivalent wooden ones, but they have up to five times more life. WLN - How long do plastic pallets last? Can they be recycled? We have clients using pallets that are 10 years old. They can all be recycled and reground, generally as pallets at a lower grade. WLN - Which countries require imports to be on plastic pallets? No one stipulates that imports have to come in on plastic pallets, but wood pallets must meet ISPM15, and be debarked and certified as treated by a company with the proper certification. The port of entry can challenge the pallet’s certification and ISPM15 mark, stopping the goods reaching the customer. Regulations for wood pallets are now in force in many parts of the world, notably the USA, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, South America and ... more
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