How do PPF members know their contributions’ status?

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1 Answer

Contribution statements are sent to each member once a year. However, the same statements can be accessed through the PPF website i.e. www.ppftz.org • Where does PPF invest? PPF has an investment policy that is made up of three main classes as follows: a) Fixed Income Asset which includes: bank deposits; commercial papers; treasury bills; treasury bonds; corporate bonds; term loans; and promissory notes; b) Equities which include shares in locally listed and non listed companies. c) Properties which involves commercial and residential buildings. • What are the guiding principles of PPF’s investments? TheThe guiding principles on investments are: - Safety: The Fund invests in areas with minimum risk; - Liquidity; A certain proportion of investments are held in assets that are easily convertible into cash; - Yield: Resources are committed to high yielding investments; and - Diversification: The Fund diversifies its investments for the purpose of spreading risks. By following the above ...
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