How do rainforest plants and animals depend on each other?

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In all of nature, and especially in rainforests, plants and animals depend on each other for survival. This is called interdependence. For example, some insects can only survive in one type of tree, while some birds only eat one type of insect. If this tree is destroyed, the insects will have no home. If these insects die, the birds who rely on them for food will starve to death. Because of this interdependence, if one type of plant or animal becomes extinct, several others could be in danger of extinction as well. Q: What is the secret to making this system work? A: One secret to this lush environment is that the rainforest reuses almost everything that falls to the ground and decays. When leaves fall from the trees, when flowers wilt and die, and when any animal dies on the forest floor - it decays and all of the nutrients in the decayed species are recycled back into the roots of the trees and plants. Only the top few inches of the rainforest soil has any nutrients. Most of the ...
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In every enviroment, plants and animals depend on each other for food, shelter, protection, reproduction, community, etc. The survival of individual species depend on the health of other species and enviroment as a whole. For example, many flowers are designed, or have adapted to attract a certain species of insect, bird, or herbivores. The complex relates whithin an ecosystem. But, when thrown out of balance, some of the animals become endangered and later on become exctinct. basically, it means, each animal means a lot to the whole ecosystem.

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