How do some people have greater tendency to choke than others?

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Yes. People who eat rapidly and those who talk with food in their mouth are much more likely to choke than who eat slowly and keep their mouths closed while chewing. Are children particularly prone to choking? Yes, because they do not observe the cautions described above. Also, they frequently put coins or other foreign bodies in their mouths. Do elderly people have tendency toward choking on food? Yes, because the swallowing mechanism in older people doesn’t often work as well as it does in younger people. What normally prevents choking on food? The epiglottis in the throat moves to close over the entrance to the trachea (windpipe) during the act of swallowing. This prevents liquids and solids from gaining access to the trachea, bronchial tubes, and lungs. What are the common causes of the epiglottis not working during the swallowing process? A sudden cough or sneeze may prevent the epiglottis from shutting off the trachea, thus allowing food or liquid to enter it. Do most people ... more
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