How do stray pets feel about being put into shelters?

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When captured and brought to a shelter, pets usually feel scared. It is a strange place, with strange people, lots of sounds (especially constant opening and closing of metal cages and crates -lots of harsh metal sounds), and strange smells. How would we feel? Very uncomfortable! Usually shelter workers are compassionate - they clean the animals, talk to them and touch them, and get vet help if the animal is hurt or sick. Some pets get a little more used to the shelter over time. Do animals get scared? Yes, all creatures get scared. Animals are more at peace when they know you or another animal. Do the animals in some shelters know that if they don't get adopted that they might be "put to sleep"/die? Yes - and they sometimes feel scared. Is it hard for a pet to live in a shelter, even a no-kill shelter? Yes, because it is still a strange place with a lot of noise. They don't understand that there are different kinds of shelters, but they do understand being put to sleep. How do you ... more
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