How do the Sacroiliac joints get injured?

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1 Answer

Sprains of the sacroiliac joints are caused by excessive movement, this can occur in a one off event such as a fall or car accident or more commonly developed over time due to repetitive micro-trauma. Excessive stress on the joint capsule causes microscopic damage to the ligaments surrounding the joint. The joint then becomes inflamed and painful. The body reacts to this by instructing the muscles to tighten up to prevent more damage but this muscle spasm tends to last for longer than it is useful, resulting in more pain. It is common to get referred pain from the muscles that go into spasm. The most commonly involved are the piriformis, gluteal (buttock) and psoas muscles. Causes of SI Sprain • Repetitive micro-trauma: it means many small repetitive injuries, until the proverbial 'last straw'. That is why people often hurt themselves doing very trivial things such as bending to pick up a pen, and they hurt themselves before they even get to lift the pen. This can happen through ... more
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