How do the SunTwin and EdenPURE Quartz Infrared Portable Heaters Work?

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1 Answer

A. With the advent of micro-electronic technology and the latest in infrared commercial quartz tubes, three solar copper furnaces inside the unit absorb the heat from these tubes much like a sponge absorbs water. The patent pending process of cured natural copper creates an innovative heat exchanger capable of absorbing heat like a solar sponge. It then safely exhales what is coined as "soft" environmentally friendly heat that is able to travel rapidly in relative humidity. The Eden PURE SOFT heat does not burn up the humidity; moreover, it employs the humidity as a vehicle to warm up large spaces quickly and efficiently. Eden PURE heater has perfectly regulated heat that will not destroy life/energy that other dangerous portable heating devices destroy, but helps to maintain healthy humidity levels indoors. Other heaters cause occupants to lose energy and force them to breathe dry uncomfortable air. The Eden PURE heater replicates the earth's sun process by electronically exhaling ... more
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