How do these hurricanes/storms affect Floridas environment?

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They help to scrub harmful algae from coral reefs. Prune dead limbs from trees allowing sunlight to penetrate the forest floor. Deposit sand atop and on the backside of barrier islands, which elevates them, keeping islands from becoming a sand bar. "The big changes that occur in barrier islands often occur during hurricanes," according to Orrin H. Pilkey, James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of Geology at the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke. "Barrier islands need hurricanes for their survivalIt's during hurricanes that islands get higher and wider." Moderate global temperature. Rain helps to refill the aquifer. It's seeping in now and wells are rising. The water flow in natural springs increases. Previously, it was declining. Wildlife benefits from the increased water. Dried out wetlands are rehydrating and coming back to life. Downed trees are good for the scrub jays, increasing the endangered species' habitat. more
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