How do they safely dispose of the dead deer?

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1 Answer

There is additional concern for how to dispose of the dead deer carcasses. The prion proteins are hardy and difficult to get rid of, and it takes extremely high temperatures to destroy them. Initially the dead deer were incinerated, but this is an expensive process and the state wants a less costly solution. The Department of Natural Resources has requested proposals and bids on how to dispose of the deer. One option is to bury them in specially lined landfills. But there is a possibility that the prions may persist in the soil and there is public concern that prions could escape when liquid leaches from buried waste. Is CWD dangerous to humans? At the present time there is no documentation of humans getting the disease from the consumption of contaminated venison. However scientists are still concerned. Part of the problem with understanding CWD and its related diseases is that these are long-term diseases. It takes years for the animal to present any symptoms. It may also take ...
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