How Do Three Phase Generators Work?

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Many of us have seen three phase generators and know that they provide electricity to outside events or construction area with no electricity. But many of us do not know how three phase generators works. Three phase generators are large magnets that are spun round quite fast. The moving magnetic field which is generated "links" with coils of wire that is called the stator, which surround the spinning part that is called the rotor. As the wire is influenced by the changing magnetic field a current is induced in the wire. A three phase generator has three sets of windings which are offset around the spinning section of the machine so that the voltage traces they produce are offset by 120 degrees. A generator with a single winding produces the single-phase AC voltage trace. The three phase generators are typically more efficient than single phase generators and are mostly used in industrial applications There are many different types of three phase generators including the types we find ... more
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