How do u get rid of weebles in the kitchen?

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1 Answer

Weebles... or mealworms are the worst type of pests to have in your pantry. They invade your cereal and grain-based foods. The next thing you know, you open your cupboard to find moths clinging to the door. You can't get rid of mealworms with bug spray because you can poison your food. Follow these steps to prevent mealworms 1. Have a clean and dry pantry. Wipe down spillage, especially grain-based spills such as cereals and crackers right away to prevent these nasty pests. 2. Keep food in Tupperware containers. Make sure they are tightly sealed at all times. Placing items in storage bags instead of plastic containers doesn't work because mealworms can simply eat through the bags. 3. Remove all food that is infected with mealworms immediately. Spray the cupboards down with disinfectant, let dry and replace the food. 4. Examine all packages in the store for pests before bringing them home. Check to make sure packages aren't opened or damaged to prevent infestation. They may be ... more
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