How do vertical blinds work?

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vertical blinds work


Vertical blinds are perfect for tall and large glass windows. They are easy and fun to operate and they give the room that air of class and sophistication. The way vertical blinds work is as interesting as the way they’re designed. Some vertical blinds use the easy slide mechanism where all you need to do is pull the blind wand and the vertical blinds will then slide out of the way. The sliding mechanism works because every individual blind vane is connected to a sliding piece inserted into the track which is connected to and runs along the head rail. Because of this design, the blinds easily slide together when you pull the blind wand.


The other mechanism involves the blind wands being attached to a gear mechanism. When the blind wand is turned, the gear turns and triggers the axle to turn. The axle, which runs along the head rail, is the one that turns the gear mechanism where each blind is attached. What happens then is that each blind vane is closed or opened by its individual gear. This link leads to where you can find beautifully designed vertical blinds. Visit their website today.