How Do Worry Dolls Work?

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When a child is worried or frightened, their parents present them with a bag, or sometimes a tiny colourfully painted wooden box, of six Worry Dolls. The child is given one doll each night for six nights and instructed to tell their worries to the doll, place the doll under their pillow and go to sleep. The next morning when the child wakes, they find that the doll has gone from under their pillow, taking their worries with it1. Benefits Of Worry Dolls Worry Dolls can be particularly useful in easing the troubles of hospitalised children – especially those awaiting surgery or having oncology treatments. But it is not only children who can benefit from Worry Dolls, adults with insomnia or anxieties have been known to use the dolls to good effect as well. After the six dolls have been used over six nights, all worries should be gone!2 Make Your Own Worry Dolls To make your own Worry Dolls you will need the following: • Garbage bag ties3 (three per doll) • Coloured cotton • Scraps of pape