How Do You Act Like A Mermaid?


If you believe in mermaids and want to act like one, read on! • Grow out your hair so it is long. If you have really short hair, try to grow it out to at least shoulder length. Wear sea accessories in your hair, such as starfish shapes shell barrettes, or strands of green ribbon that appear like seaweed etc. • Use make-up to enhance the watery look. If you really want to get into this, buy waterproof paint and you can paint your face to look mystical. Or, make good use of blues and greens, including sparkling makeup as depicted in this photo. • Use mood-changing items. Mermaids’ tail, hair color, and nails change color with their mood; just as the seawater’s surrounding them change color rapidly with the changing light. To replicate this, you could try Mood nail polish. If you can’t find any mood nail polish, then try using greens and blues on your nails to give that watery effect. Mood rings, bracelets and anklets might also be suitable additions. • Wear shell jewelry. Items made from