How Do You Add A Clasp To A String Of Beads?

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1 Answer

Stringing your own beaded jewelry is a cheap alternative to buying your jewelry from the store. Beads can be found to fit any budget and style. In addition to saving money, stringing your own necklaces puts the control in your hands, allowing you to choose style, color and length of the accessories you wear. Attaching a clasp to a length of strung beads is simple enough for budding jewelry artists. Cut a length of wire 6 inches longer than the desired length of your necklace. A necklace that dips right bellow your collar bone will be 17 to 19 inches. A matinee necklace, great for business wear, should be between 20 and 24 inches. An opera-length necklace will be over 28 inches. Add one crimp bead to the wire and put the wire end through the connection hole on one side of the clasp. String the wire end back through the crimp bead and pull the loop tight. Crimp the bead in place. Lay out your beads in the pattern of your choice, or use only one type of bead for a simpler look. String ... more
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