How Do You Add A Dogpile Search Engine To A List Of Search Engines?

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1 Answer

Dogpile uses a metasearching capability to scour top search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, and come up with a complete search page of results. With your web browser, you can include Dogpile in your current search engines to easily access this tool in your window without having to navigate to the Dogpile website first. Using the settings in your preferred browser, add Dogpile to your list of search engines. Click the drop-down button to the left of the search box and select the "Manage Search Engines" option. Click the "Get more search engines" link at the bottom of the window and then select the "Dogpile" name from the list of add-on extensions that appears. Alternately, type this title in the text field and click the arrow button to the right. Click the "Add to Firefox" button and then click "Add" to automatically include Dogpile in your search engine list. Click the "Customize and control Google Chrome" button next to the search box and then select the "Options" title from the ... more
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