How Do You Adjust A Homelite Chainsaw Carburetor?

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1 Answer

The only adjustment to the Homelite chainsaw carburetor that you will be able to perform is the idle adjustment. The chainsaw adheres to emission safety guidelines and the high and low limits are factory set. Most Homelite chainsaws also have a plastic stop on the high and low limit adjustments to prevent owners from adjusting them. You can adjust the idle speed so that the chainsaw will idle without the chain moving. Locate the idle speed screw to the side of the on/off switch. There are three screws in the vicinity, and each has an individual letter to identify it. The idle screw is the screw with a "T." You need to know where the screw is before starting the chainsaw. Press the starter switch to the "On" position. Pull the choke lever to the fully open position. Start the Homelite chainsaw using the pull rope. Push the choke lever all the way in and allow the engine to run for 30 seconds. Squeeze and then release the trigger to return the chainsaw to an idle speed. Turn the idle ... more
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