How Do You Adjust A Lazy Susan Cabinet?

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You like all the cupboard space in your new kitchen, but the shelves in the lazy Susan cabinet are at the wrong height and the cans of food and boxes don't fit neatly on the shelf. You'll be pleased to learn that adjusting a lazy Susan in a kitchen cabinet is not a complicated task, and within minutes you can have it at just the height you want. Before you know it, you'll have your cabinet refilled, and everything will fit just right. Step 1 Remove all items from the lazy Susan; set aside so you have access to the entire cabinet space. Step 2 Shine a flashlight on the bottom side of the lazy Susan; you will see a bracket that holds the shelf into place. Step 3 Push up on the shelf to expose the rest of the bracket; you will see one screw that holds it into place. Step 4 Loosen the screw that holds the bracket, using a screwdriver and holding the shelf so it cannot drop on your hand or head. Step 5 Slide the shelf to the new height and tighten the screw, then lower the shelf onto the ... more
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