How do you adjust carburator on a 80 cc yamaha badger 4 wheeler?

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1 Answer

On the left side of the carb there are two screws, a recessed brass screw with slotted head (mixture adjustment screw) & a silver-colored screw with a phillips head (idle adjustment screw). To properly tune the carb (assuming the carburetor body, jets, and bowl are clean & there are no air leaks) turn the idle screw (silver) clockwise to raise the idle...raise the idle quite a bit. Then, with the engine idling fast, turn the mixture adjustment screw (brass) in several turns (keep a count) and out several turns (again, it helps to keep track of how many turns) and listen for the moment when the engine runs the fastest. Now, with the mixture adjustment screw (brass) near the spot where the engine runs the fastest, turn it 1/2 turn either direction and listen for the spot where the engine seems to run the best, set your mixture adjustment screw (brass) to that spot. Then drop your idle back to normal by turning the idle screw (silver) counter-clockwise. Your carb is now tuned (simple... ... more
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