How Do You Adjust Headlights On A Toyota Camry?

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1 Answer

If you are finding it difficult to see at night with your headlights on, they may need to be re-adjusted. Your Toyota Camry offers a simple way to adjust the headlights with two headlight adjustment screws. The vertical screw is located on the back or top of the headlight, depending on the year of the vehicle, and the horizontal adjustment screw is located on the side of the headlight housing closest to the center of the car. Position the Camry so that it is 10 feet away from a flat surface such as a wall. Locate the center line for your headlights and mark them with masking tape. Find the center of the vertical axis of your headlights and mark the position on the wall that the Camry is facing. Find the center of the horizontal axis and mark its position on the wall, then mark the horizontal and vertical center lines of the headlights on the wall. Turn the headlights on. Adjust the headlight beam using the vertical and horizontal adjustment screws so that the beam is two to three ... more
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