How Do You Adjust Home Air Conditioning Vents?

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1 Answer

Home air conditioning vents dispense heated or cooled air from the furnace into the room. These vents are connected at the end of the duct system that begins at the furnace. To control the amount of air that is dispensed into each room, the air conditioning vents will have a lever that opens or closes the vents, which makes it very easy to adjust home air conditioning vents and typically no tools are needed to complete this task. Adjust the thermostat so that the furnace turns on. You'll want air to be blowing out of the vents when you adjust them. Look over your air conditioning vent. You should notice a lever that is on one side of the vent. Grasp the adjustment lever, and slide it either up or down. Depending on its previous position, the louvers in the vent will either open or close. If they are open, you will feel air exiting the vent. If they are closed, you should feel almost no air exiting. Slide the adjustment lever until it's in a position that is allowing the amount of air ... more
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