How Do You Adjust Seiko Watch Bands?

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1 Answer

Seiko is a Japanese watch company that began in 1881. You can resize your Seiko by removing a link to make the watch band smaller or adding a link to make the watch band larger. Adding or removing a link is a simple process that does not require experience working with watches. Set your watch on a soft cloth to protect it from getting scratched while you are resizing the band. Turn the watch on its edge so the links are facing up. Look on the inside of the links and you will see arrows on the few links on each side of the clasp. These arrows point in the direction the pins must be pushed out. If you look on the edge of the links, you will see tiny circles, which are the pin heads. The pins hold the links together but only the three or four links on each side of the clasp can be removed for resizing purposes. Place your pointed tool on top of the pin head near the base of the arrow. You can choose any link with a removable pin. Push down on the tool in the direction the arrow is ... more
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