How Do You Adjust The Band On An Armitron Watch?

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1 Answer

Armitron watches have links that connect to create the watchband to fit on your wrist. If your Armitron watch is too big, you can adjust the band for a better fit. This can be done by removing some of the links to make the watchband shorter. To remove the links, you will need to use a tool to push the connector pin out of the link in the band. Put the watch on your wrist and count the number of links that will need to be removed. Take the watch off and set it on its side on a table or desk. Divide the number of links you counted in Step 1 by 2. This will give you the number of links you need to remove on each side of the watchband. Choose a side of the band to shorten first. Place the thumbtack on top of the head of one of the pins of a link on the band, near the watch face. Press on the thumbtack to push the pin out. Repeat Step 4 to remove the number of links you calculated in Step 2. Reattach the band back to the watch face. Connect the link on the band to the watch face by ... more
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