How Do You Adjust Wahl Clipper Blades?

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1 Answer

Wahl has been a top-rated clipper manufacturer for well over 50 years. The company makes a wide variety of clipping products, including pet-quality and human-quality hair scissors and hair clippers. Proper maintenance of your Wahl clippers is essential for optimum usage and extended clipper life, and adjusting your clippers often is an important part of your maintenance routine. Adjusting your clippers is quick and relatively simple, and will make any haircut a much more enjoyable experience. Clean your clipper blades thoroughly before adjusting your blades. Wipe any excess hair form the blades with your rag and brush out any stuck hairs with a stiff-bristled brush. Take care not to get your blades wet, as any water can cause rusting. Examine your blades to determine how far off center they are. The teeth of the front blade and back blade should overlap approximately 1/32nd of an inch to provide a smooth, even cut and prevent the blades from knicking the skin. Loosen the screws on ... more
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