How Do You Aim A Bowling Ball?

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Are you an occasional bowler who, although you enjoy bowling, gets a bit frustrated because your scores usually, well how can I say this delicately... stink? Do you find that you can't seem to consistently hit the head pin with the first ball? Help has finally arrived-simple steps to take to keep your bowling ball on target. How to aim a bowling ball-that's a question that experienced bowlers occasionally have a hard time answering. Their problems are usually much more technical than the advice in this article can fix. Here, we will discuss the basics of how to aim a bowling ball with the intent of raising your scores. These techniques are not difficult; they just take time and practice to master. Recreational bowlers usually start off with aiming at the pins. I absolutely agree with the logic; see target-hit target. But there is actually a better way (for most) that can really improve your success on the lanes. When you stand on the approach ready to begin your shot, look down the ... more
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