How Do You Answer Interview Questions About Short Term Jobs?

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1 Answer

Short-term jobs are inevitable for most people at one time or another in their career life. Sometimes these short-term jobs can become an issue when interviewing for new job positions as they bring up questions of discontinuity of employment. When interviewing for a job with a history of short-term jobs on your resume, it is important to convince the potential employer that the job you are seeking will not turn into yet another short-term job. Acknowledge the short-term positions on your work record. Do not try to brush off any short-term employment on your resume. This could make the job interviewer feel as though you are trying to hide something about your character as a dependable employee. Explain why the positions were short-term. According to an article on CareerBuilder.com by Jennifer James, you should give acceptable reasons but focus more on the fact that you are ready for a permanent position. You could offer reasons such as seasonality of the job, taking a break to pursue ... more
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