How Do You Ask A Question Intelligently?

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Just how do you ask a question that not only appears intelligent but also results in an answer that satisfies the knowledge you are seeking? There are two elements that you need to be concerned about in asking questions. Those elements are process and outcomes. The two side of the process element is perspective questions and evaluative questions. The outcome elements involve knowledge questions and action questions. The best questions involve both process and outcome elements in the question. Here are some tips for asking more open-minded and informed questions that will help not only you but others to comprehend information placed before you, as well as extracting more information useful to you. • Start with something simple. Asking something simple first lets the information provider know that you are about to state your opinion but that you fully realize that you do not comprehend the whole story and that you are hoping they can fill in some gaps. For example, "Have you heard ... more
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